Welcome to Hip Opener Yoga!

This 30 minute restorative yoga experience is the second class in a 3 part series called Soul Soothing Yoga. This full series is due to come out in early 2022.

During our time together we'll explore the importance of maintaining healthy hips, practice reclining restorative postures, move into deep hip openers and revitalize our body, mind and spirit to end the class.

Teacher reclined with right leg outstretched to the side with yoga strap around her foot


Using a yoga strap, playfully release unwanted tension patterns in the lower body, and unwind from an active day.

Lady stretching front of left hip by kneeling left knee on yoga mat


Release restrictions and rehydrate the fascia with deep hip openers.

Female teacher seated cross legged with hands on her torso


End class with the legs up on the wall pose and a brief meditation to revitalize your circulatory system and relax your mind.

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  Hip Opener Yoga
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