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The Fascia & The Experience

The fascia: Fascia embeds every tissue in our body, down to the tiniest cell. It’s interconnected with consciousness energy, and can store old forms of physical, mental and/or emotional trauma until it’s released. Since the fascia is a system that conducts it’s way throughout the whole body, a restriction in one area can affect the tissues in another; creating unhealthy holding patterns and overall decreased mobility in the physical and energetic bodies.

The experience: In this workshop series, we will explore specific ailments through the world of fascia, by releasing fascial restrictions with therapeutic movement, foam rollers, therapeutic balls, and yin yoga poses.

The Focus:

Each week builds upon each other. While you can take individual classes, for the best results, participate in the whole series.*

First Lesson - Watch the recording of Fascia 101 - A 30 Minute Workshop Introducing You To Your Myofascial System (a streamable link will be sent to each participant)

Workshop 1 - Anxiety & Depression
Workshop 2 - Low Back Pain
Workshop 3 - The Effects Of Text Neck
Workshop 4 - TMJ Dysfunction

Teacher sitting on a yoga mat stretching upper body to one side with her right arm above head.

Ground Your Energy

We begin each workshop with a simple grounding technique to help clear out the clutter of the day so you can be present with learning the material in each workshop.

An iStockphoto in a Keynote of The Illiopsoas Muscle

Learn Anatomy

This course includes an anatomical lesson introducing you to your fascial system called, Fascia 101. Each module in this course includes mini-anatomical lessons covering the systems of the body that are associated with what ailment you're addressing.

Instructor sitting her right hip on a therapy ball.

Practice At Your Own Pace

Each module includes a full flow sequence of techniques, based off of myofascial release, therapeutic movement and yoga.

Example Curriculum

  Welcome To The Fluid Fascia: Spring Series!
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days after you enroll
  Fascia 101: Introducing You To Your Myofascial System
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Common Ailment Lessons: Anatomy & Techniques
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Thank You For Participating!
Available in days
days after you enroll

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The Tools You'll Need

Foam roller (ideally a soft 36" roller), 2 - soft 4″ all-sport balls, a tennis sized ball, a yoga mat, pillows or yoga blocks for extra support, and a journal and pen.

A yoga mat, foam roller and different sized sport balls.